Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Another fine mess \ Playlist 29 Oct

Confusion at Acoustic Spectrum about who was putting the hour back on the server meant that all the shows, including mine, went out an hour early. The chap who got me involved with AS is as frustrated as any one with the poor service they are providing as he also presents a folk music show. He is now starting to look round for another internet radio web site which we can move to, unless we get assurances that the service at Acoustic Spectrum will improve.

I think I have been particularly unlucky with the technical problems as four out of the eight shows I have done have been affected. But I will carry on as I'm getting some positive feedback about the show and I'm reaching a wider audience that I was when I was just doing stuff on Mixcloud.

If you missed it, you can listen to the Hallowe'en show here...

Steeleye Span - Bede's Death Song
Steeleye Span - The Unquiet Grave
KT Tunstall - The Girl and the Ghost
Jamie Smith's Mabon - The Gordano Ranter
Stuart Anthony - Angels and Devils
Bill Malkin & Band Wagon - The Ghost of The Mary Rose
Kathryn Roberts - The Drowned Lovers
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Bats in the Attic
Richard Thompson - Razor Dance
Kate Rusby - Sweet William's Ghost
The Folk - Here Come The Creeps
The Duhks - Death Came A Knockin'
Dave Rowlands - Jim Hardings Waltz
Richard Thompson - The Ghost of You Walks
Gin Goblins - Hammerama

Next week's show is one I recorded a couple of months back with most of the songs to do with the sea. I've edited it so it includes the track Katrina from Show of Hands' new album. Fingers crossed the show will go out at 9pm next Monday!

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