Friday, 24 May 2013

Next Monday's show

Just editing Monday's show. I had an attack of the "ums and ers" while recording it yesterday. Probably just as well I'm having a break next week. So there won't be a show on Monday the 3rd. But this Monday, along with some Cam Penner, there will be two tracks from Sarah McQuaid new album 'The Plum Tree and the Rose'. Plus a number from Bob Dylan's 'Blood on the Tracks'. The full line-up is...

Richard Thompson, Sarah McQuaid, The Deadly Winters, Cam Penner, The Stray Birds, Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston, Phil MacLennan Smillie, Didi Bergman, Bob Dylan and Flook.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New music poll

I did a poll on the Talkawhile message board recently about how people discover new music. Gone are the days of being dependent on radio and TV or hearing new sounds at a friend's house or a music festival. There is now a huge amount of music, both old and new, to be listened to on the internet which you can access on your computer, iPad, smartphone or whatever. This list isn't meant to be complete but I think it gave enough options to make the survey worth doing. It is worth pointing out that as Talkawhile is centred around Fairport Convention, the average age of people responding is probably around 50. If you did the same poll among fans of Mumford and Sons I'm sure the results would be quite different.

Question: How do you discover new music?

Word of Mouth                 - 19.3%
Gigs\Festivals                - 18.6%
BBC National\Regional Radio   -  9.9%
Social Networks (FB, Twitter) -  9.3%
Music magazines\papers        -  6.2%
YouTube                       -  5.6%
Internet Radio\Mixcloud       -  5%
Spotify\Deezer\Rhapsody       -  5%
TV (Later w/ Jools etc)       -  3.7%
Buy cds                       -  3.7%
Artists' web sites            -  3.1%
Promo cds                     -  2.5%
Podcasts                      -  2.5%
Other (please specify)        -  1.9%
Record\Music Shops            -  1.9%
Local\Community FM Radio      -  1.2%
Bandcamp\Reverbnation         -  0.6%
iTunes                        -  0%

Approx 150 people took part with each person having 3 votes.

Monday, 20 May 2013

The Folk and Acoustic Music Show playlist 20 May

Tonight's playlist. If you've missed any recent shows check out my cloudcasts on

Barrule - In Search of Manannan
Melissa Greener - Why
Battlefield Band - The Hairy Angler Fish
Mike Cavanaugh - Pearls
Pauline Alexander - Brothers in Arms
Nick Drake - Cello Song
Locust Honey String Band - He Ain't No Good
David Ferrard - Wildflowers
Kevin Pearce - Don't Fall Down
Melissa Greener - With The Weather
Barney Bentall - Four Went To War
The Imagined Village - Scarborough Fair
The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc - Un-named Shetland Reel

Featured Album: Melissa Greener - Transistor Corazon

Tonight's show and last week's playlist

This week's show opens with Jamie Smith's new band Barrule and a track from their album "Music from the Isle of Man". There's also a cover of a Dire Straits song by Pauline Alexander and The Imagined Village's take on Scarborough Fair. The featured album is "Transistor Corazon" by Melissa Greener which is released today.

If you missed last week's show you can listen to in at

13 May playlist

Billy Bragg & Wilco - Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key
Lisa Richards - Every Star
The Revelers - Asteur Je Peux Voir (Now I Can See)
Woody Pines - Train That Carried My Gal From Town
Eddi Reader - Patience of Angels
Jo Philby - The Maid On The Shore
Robert Lambie - Already Know
Ruth Moody - One Light Shining
Apples & Eve - Dionysus
The Deadly Winters - The Troubadors
Lisa Richards - Beating of the Sun
Nils Lofgren - Like A Hurricane
Sophie Hosken-Taylor - Breathe
VAMM - Castle Grant

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Monday, 6 May 2013

The Folk and Acoustic Music Show playlist 6 May

Tonight's playlist...

Fairport Convention - Matty Groves
Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston - Lady Isobel and the Elf Knight
Moulettes - Cannibal Song
Rita Hosking - Five Star Location
Johnny Corrigan - The Way Life Is
Kirsty & Ewan MacColl - The Manchester Rambler
Mary Dillon - The Boatman
Douglas Hinton - Down The Road
Barney Bentall - Say Goodbye To Albert Comfort
Annabelle Chvostek Ensemble - Ona (In Toronto I Get More Hugs, In Montréal I Get More Kisses)
Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston - Mysterious Day
Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts - Middle of May

Featured Album: Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston - Sing a Full Song

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