Friday, 26 February 2016

Green themed mix

Please note: I've had to edit this mix as Ms Shocked says I'm infringing her copyright by including one of her songs. I'm feeling quite upset and dejected by this incident and am going to concentrate on artists from this side of the pond in future. I don't need this added stress in my life from Americans threatening to sue me.

Listen to it at

Jane Kramer - Your Ever Green Heart
Cara Dillon - Green Grows The Laurel
Pentangle - Turn Your Money Green 
Gilmore & Roberts - Tennessee Green
Patsy Reid - Lost in Green 
Tumbling Bones - Shady Green Pastures
The High Bar Gang - Green Pastures in the Sky
Booker T & The MGs - Green Onions

One that didn't make the final list...

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Off The Beaten Tracks 17 February

This is the first show I've recorded in a while. I've included two tracks from Amelia White's new release "Home Sweet Hotel". On her press release it says...

Like most all singer-songwriters, Amelia travels to scratch out a living. The endless parade of coffee houses, bars and house concerts can overshadow any attempts to have a life at home with somebody you love. That tension is at the heart of her new record, produced by Marco Giovino (Band of Joy, Buddy Miller), with appearances from a wealth of stellar players backing Amelia, including multi-instrumentalist Sergio Webb (David Olney), Stuart Mathis (Lucinda Williams) on guitar, Ron Eoff (The Band) on bass, Paul Gordon (the B52’s) on keys and Julie Christensen (Leonard Cohen) adding some guest vocals.

“This new record,” she says, “in a lot of ways, it's about love. There are definitely a lot of songs about living your life away from home, and then you come back to your family. It's almost equally split between aspects of beauty in the hard weird life on the road, and how good it is to come home to your lover feeling like you've accomplished something.”

Listen to the show at


Crosby Stills & Nash - Shadow Captain
Malcolm Holcombe - Another Black Hole
Chas Ambler - Bees (Honey will be the Death of Us)
Amelia White - Dangerous Angel
Chris Bradley - Not What It Was
The Rising Souls - Sail Along The Distance
Joni Mitchell - Chelsea Morning
Gordie Tentrees - Deadbeat Dad
Martin Stephenson & Jim Hornsby - Rag Time Groove
Amelia White - Leaving In My Blood
Johny Corrigan - Let Go
Natalie Merchant - Space Oddity
Eagles - Train Leaves Here This Morning
Veloninos - Hillbilly Girl

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Sampler mix 4 February

Lots of new releases to share with you so I thought I'd pick two tracks from each of the following albums:

Veloninos - Veloninos
 Mad Cat Dynamo 
Locust Honey String Band - Never Let Me Cross Your Mind
 Lonesome Song
Cara - Yet We Sing
 Land of the Midnight Sun 
 Anchor in the Sky
Hamish Napier - The River
 Fate of the Kelts \ Out to Sea 
 The Whirlpool
Nuala Kennedy - Behave the Bravest
 Death and the Lady 
 Glen Where The Deer Is / The Ivy Leaf / The Dublin Lasses
Kirsty Potts - The Seeds of Life
 If I Had a Hammer 
 Betsy Belle