Monday, 26 May 2014

Acoustic Spectrum playlist 26th May

Tonight's show includes tracks from the following 5 albums which have all been released recently apart from 'Metta' which comes out on the 9th of June. The featured album, 'Thamesis', has just been released today, 26th of May.

Birds of Chicago - Live from Space
Tumbling Bones - Loving a Fool
Haddo - Borderlands
Mishaped Pearls - Thamesis
Damian Helliwell - Metta

Carolina Chocolate Drops - Trouble In Your Mind
Mishaped Pearls - Cornish Girl
Healyum - Summer Memories
Tumbling Bones - Red Red Rose
Damian Helliwell - Princess Neribehee
Birds of Chicago - Prairie Lullaby
Melissa Greener - On My Way Back Home
Show of Hands - Coming Home
Haddo - Frank's Reel
Mishaped Pearls - First and Last Woman
Asewar - Copi Geryan
Pentangle - I've Got A Feeling
Duncan McCrone - Waiting Here For You

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Melissa Greener, Garstang Unplugged, Garstang

Melissa Greener is an American singer songwriter originally from Detroit who certainly puts in the work and the miles. About ten years ago, while living in a village in China studying ceramics, she decided that what she really wanted to do was pursue a career in music. So she headed back to the States and spent a cold and rather unsuccessful winter busking in Memphis, or it might have been Nashville. Such are the stories she tells between her songs that it is hard keeping track of where she's been and what's she's done. But the music is the important thing.

Dressed in black and accompanying herself on a black Gibson semi-acoustic guitar most of her set comprised material from her latest release, Transistor Corazon, and her last record, Dwellings. Starting with 'My Country Home In Summer Glow' from the latter, her voice grabbed the attention of not just this reviewer but everyone in the room. Transistor Corazon was recorded with a backing band but songs such as 'Ghost in the Van' and 'Everybody Wants Some' sounded incredibly powerful with just guitar and voice.

Many of her songs come from her relentless touring around America and beyond but her home is in Texas as the songs 'It Gets Harder To Leave Texas Every Time' and 'On My Way Back Home' remind us. We were treated to some covers too including John Prine's 'Angel from Montgomery', which she dedicated to any fans of his and Bonnie Raitt, the Jesse Winchester song 'That's What Makes You Strong' while her beautiful version of the Beatles number 'If I Fell' concluded her set.

Support came from duo Luke and Mel who went down pretty well with the Lancashire audience. Their set included a nice cover of Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire' though it was a bit disconcerting to hear Mel introduce songs in an English accent and then sing in an American accent. But I guess that's par for the course if you're singing Country music. They joined Melissa for the encore which got the crowd singing along and rounded off a very enjoyable evening at the Kenlis Arms.

Colin Bertram

Monday, 19 May 2014

Acoustic Spectrum playlist 19th May

This is my 200th posting on blogspot. I have been writing a review of Melissa Greener's gig at Garstang last week but as it is still a work-in-progress you'll just have to read the playlist for tonight's show instead. The featured album is the self-titled new release by Edinburgh three-piece The Rising Souls which is being released on the 23rd of May with a gig at The Caves in Edinburgh. I would describe their music as acoustic rock with a strong blues influence and listening to front man Dave Archibald I am reminded of Paul Rodgers when he was the vocalist with Free. The promoter who sent me their cd tells me that Dave has also been compared to Paolo Nutini but as I'm not very familiar with his music I can't really comment on that. But if you tune in to the show tonight you'll be able to hear two tracks from The Rising Souls and you can make your own minds up. They have some videos on YouTube if you can't wait until 9 o'clock.

There are a couple of albums being released today namely Borderlands by Haddo and A Thousand Hearts by Cara Dillon. I've sent off for a copy of Cara's cd so it may well be my featured album next week and I haven't had a chance to give the Borderlands cd a proper listen yet so they may well be on next week's show too. So without further ado, as my good friend Reza used to say on his radio show, here is tonight's playlist followed by the Souls' press release...

Jez Lowe - Old Bones
The Rising Souls - Fool in Time
Inge Thomson - How Far
Martin Simpson - Nobody's Fault But Mine
Marit & Rona - Rory's Dinosaur Jumper
Kate Bush - Cloudbusting
Richard Thompson - Keep Your Distance
Emily Smith - Gypsy Davy
Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola - Culloden waltz
Bert Jansch - Bright Sunny Morning
Breabach - Seven Men of Knoydart
The Rising Souls - The Boxer
Kevin Henderson - Da Fields O Foula

Monday, 12 May 2014

Acoustic Spectrum playlist 12th May

The featured album on tonight's show is 'Do Tell' by Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson which is released today. Also released on the the 12th of May are 'In A Box' by Megson and 'Overlooking The Obvious' by P.J. Pacifico. The running order is...

Uiscedwr - The Dirty Nine Steps
Megson - Bet Beasley & Her Wooden Man
Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson - Gotta Love
Linda Thompson - As Fast As My Feet
Peter Knight's Gigspanner - Dave Robert's French Waltz
Fairport Convention - The Ballad of Easy Rider
Rita Hosking - Five Star Location
Oh My Darling - Anna K
P.J. Pacifico - Bend It Till It Breaks
Lau - Dear Prudence
Gavin Pennycook - In The Hall of the Mountain King
Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson - Do Tell
Melissa Greener - Everybody Wants Some
Flook - Rosbeg

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Monday, 5 May 2014

Acoustic Spectrum playlist 5th May

The featured album on tonight's show is 'Loving a Fool' by Tumbling Bones which is released today, the 5th of May. The full playlist is...

Tumbling Bones - I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - Little Miss S
Davy Graham - Homeward Bound
Michael Chapman - Stranger Passing By
Madison Violet - Cindy Cindy
Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson - 99.9
Rowan Ross - Liquid Diamond
Sam Baker - Say Grace
Salt House - Morning Train
Tumbling Bones - Money is for Spending
Ross Ainslie and Jarlath Henderson - Look Over The Hill
Diesel Therapy - Mad Dog Boogie
Cam Penner - My Lover and I
Van Morrison - Moondance

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Here's the Louvin Brothers with the original of "I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby"...