Saturday, 30 August 2014

Catch-up compilation

I thought I'd put together a playlist of songs from albums I've either overlooked or only played one track from. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with all the new music I'm sent, sometimes it is too country or more electric than acoustic and at other times I'll listen to an album, not be in the mood for it and forget about it. A case in point is The O's. Listening to the track I've selected here makes me want to go back and give their album another listen. 

Rather than select tracks at random I've gone for the shortest tracks on each album, which I suppose is a bit random but I don't have the time to listen to all these albums from start to finish!

Hope you enjoy this selection. The next edition of the Folk and Acoustic Music Show will be going out on Monday the 1st September at the usual time of 9pm on Acoustic Spectrum Radio.

Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra - Drinking Coffee Rag
Rod Picott - Bluebonnet
Amanda Rheaume - Home on the Road
David Berkley - The Well (Wait for the Rain)
West My Friend - Dark and Deep
The O's - Go With Me
Tony McLoughlin - I Get The Message
Broken Boat - God Writes Fiction
Peter Mulvey - Copenhagen Airport
Ultan Conlon - The Lumberjack, You & Me
Skerryvore - By Your Side
Haddo - Spootiskerry
Black Dog Hat - Senseless
Balduin - Hole in the Sky
Plainview - Reborn

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Monday, 11 August 2014

Acoustic Spectrum playlist 11 August

The featured album on tonight's show at 9pm on Acoustic Spectrum radio is 'Fair Warning' by The Rails. The full playlist is...

John Martyn - May You Never
The Rails - William Taylor
Kelly Oliver - Far From Home
Phil MacLennan Smillie - West of Rockall
Malcolm Holcombe - Savannah Blues
Jane Kramer - The Devil Don't Want
Melissa Greener - Bullets To Bite
Barbara Dickson & Rab Noakes - Sleepless Nights
Inge Thompson - Take my Time
Jez Lowe - High Part of the Town
John Coletta - Raggle Taggle Dreamer
The Rails - Borstal
Rock Salt and Nails - Jack Broke The Prison Door Set
Fairport Convention - Canny Capers

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Monday, 4 August 2014

Acoustic Spectrum playlist 4 August

Tonight's show was inspired by the excellent album 'Thamesis' by Mishaped Pearls which has the theme of the river Thames running through it. I did a search for songs with the word 'river' in them and found enough for a two hour show but as I only have an hour here is what I have selected for today's Folk and Acoustic Music show. Tune in at 9pm to hear...

Red Molly - Clinch River Blues
Gavin Sutherland - Down To The River
Blackbeard's Tea Party - Ford O Kabul River
Mishaped Pearls - Doves
Nick Drake - River Man
Carthy Hardy Farrell & Young - Wild River
Life & Times - Narrow Boats to Tow
Patsy Reid - The River Princes
The Jayhawks - Come To The River
Annie Keating - River Clyde
Megson - The River Never Dies
Kate Rusby - Streams of Nancy
Wes Martin & Hannah Duncan - River Bed

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