Friday, 28 September 2012

The Folk and Acoustic Music Show playlist 28 Sept

I'm getting ahead of myself this week and posting the playlist in advance of the show. There's another presenter on Acoustic Spectrum who has a very fancy blog with all sorts of links and stuff on it which makes mine look rather plain. But it's only a playlist and if you're looking at this it means you have internet access and are no doubt perfectly able to use Google and YouTube to find out more info on the artists I'm featuring on the show. 

So coming up at 1pm (British Autumn Time) will be the following music for your enjoyment. I will upload it to Mixcloud this afternoon so you can listen at your leisure if you're unable to tune in at lunchtime today.

Show of Hands - Roots
Wilful Missing - Don't Be Scared 48
Philip Henry & Hannah Martin - Death and the Lady
Jame Smith's Mabon - Summer's Lament
Amy Rayner - Lost and Found
Thompson & Danny Thompson - Easy There Steady Now
Rich Tea - Simon's Fandango
Ponies - Show Me Love
The Coarse Envelope - The Ballad Of White Eagle
Karine Polwart - Salter's Road
Dick Gaughan - Whatever Happened

Listen online at

I will add this link as you'll find stuff on Rich Tea on Andy Hornby's web site. Andy is also involved with a band called Northern Frisk who are also on his web site -

As I posted on the show's Facebook page just now, I've got a quite different version of "Death and the Lady" on the show today by Philip Henry and Hannah Martin. If you'd like to know what the song is about, have a listen to Norma's introduction...

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