Monday, 5 March 2012

Instrumental Cloudcast

I had a burst of enthusiasm at the end of last week and put together a second playlist on Saturday. This one is made up of instrumental tracks with a strong Scottish element thanks to cds I've received over the last year or so from Bob Buchan including new releases by Blazin' Fiddles, Shetland fiddler Kevin Henderson and The Battlefield Band. It was in danger of being too much of a fiddle fest so I added tracks by Flook and Michael McGoldrick along with some lovely harp playing by Corrina Hewat. If you enjoy her track, do check out her album 'Harp I Do'.

I'll be featuring tracks by local artists on each Cloudcast and this one kicks off with Lancaster-based band The Balkanics who recently supported Moishe's Bagel at a sellout gig at the Gregson Centre in Lancaster. The other local artist is none other than my step-son Kish McGuire with his rendition of the Davey Graham classic 'Angie'.


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