Thursday, 16 August 2012

Web site update \ new OTBT radio show

I have also just updated the book web page which now has a link to me reading the introduction. The book is now available to buy at the new price of £5.59 plus P&P.

After recording a few mixes recently I've felt more in the mood to record a cloudcast in the style of a radio show. This is partly because I've received some new releases by Niall Kelly, Heather Bristow and Macmaster/Hay, two of them sent to the YMCA where Diversity FM used to be based. It was purely by luck that a friend of mine, who works for the Post Office, noticed a letter on its way to me c\o the YMCA so I was able to get in touch with them and ask them to hang on to it. Otherwise I think the YMCA staff have just been returning any mail with "N/K at this address" on it. I suppose this is partly my own fault for not leaving a forwarding address and also because the Diversity web site is still up and running so some people might assume we are still in business.

So here is the latest cloudcast with me introducing the tracks and there's even a bit of me and Wes chatting from an old edition of the show from January this year.

Heather Bristow - Ghost of a Memory
Kris Drever - The Crown of London
Tarras - Joys of Brotherhood
O'Hooley & Tidow - Gentleman Jack
Kat Gilmore & Jamie Roberts - Tennessee Green
Rebekah Findlay - Blackbird Song
Gren Bartley - Sweet Traveller
Wes Martin - Our Worlds Lie Below
Duotone - Set It Down
MacMaster/Hay - Stay With You
Niall Kelly - Hand in Fire

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