Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ebook half price on Smashwords

For the next 10 days there is a special offer on my ebook on Smashwords. I've been plugging the ebook on Amazon mainly because I'm more likely to sell copies on their site to readers in the UK but I shouldn't ignore my potential customers on Smashwords.

So if you would like to download the ebook for the promotional price of $1.50 please follow this link and enter the coupon code QH98U (not case-sensitive). This offer will last until the 31st of August.

Along with the review written by Reza Mills on Smashwords there is now also a  review on Amazon by Phil Cowles which I posted on his behalf as he doesn't shop online. You can read his review here.

I have also been busy sending copies of the book to various magazines in the hope that one or two of them might print reviews so keep an eye on upcoming issues of Classic Rock, Mojo and Kerrang! 

And please check out my Facebook page where I am posting links to videos related to the book and other updates -

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