Friday, 14 December 2012

Top 20 albums of 2012

Here are my 20 recommended albums of 2012 in date of release order. You can hear tracks from about a dozen of these albums on the next show which will be broadcast on Monday the 17th of December. My thanks go to all the promoters and artists who have sent me albums and mp3s over the last 12 months and a special mention goes out to to everyone who was involved with Diversity FM and to Neil King for inviting me to join Acoustic Spectrum.

Top 20 of 2012

Patsy Matheson - Stories of Angels and Guitars
Cam Penner - Gypsy Summer
Kim Edgar - The Ornate Lie
The Imagined Village - Bending The Dark
Duncan McCrone - Colourblind
Peter Nardini - Hug
Ribbon Road - Roadside Dreams
Jaywalkers - Early For A Thursday
Marc Nellis - House to House Cellar to Cellar
Karine Polwart - Traces
Macmaster/Hay - Hook
Nick Keir - The Edge of Night
Lau - Race The Loser
Jamie Smith's Mabon - Windblown
Maeve MacKinnon - Once Upon An Olive Branch
Lorraine McCauley & the Borderlands - Light in the Darkest Corners
Session A9 - Session A9
Show of Hands - Wake The Union
Heather Bristow - Ragged Souls
Ottersgear - The Quest for Rest

Best Album : Peter Nardini - Hug
Best Song  : Karine Polwart - 'Salters Road' from her album Traces
Best Gig     : Steve Knightley, Lancaster University, 9th February

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  1. I really like posts on top songs or albums. Although I may not always agree with the arrangement, I still appreciate such posts because these provide several songs or artists that I know nothing about. This would inspire other music lovers especially to those who are talented in playing the guitar with their mandolin picks (for instance). Then, I get to search these and find songs that are really interesting. So, thank you for this one, too.