Saturday, 14 July 2012

Yet more editing

Just when I thought it was nearly finished, my wife Sam took my manuscript away with her last weekend to proofread it. So I've had to spend the last few days correcting spelling mistakes, adding commas and expanding one or two entries. Of course the advantage of publishing electronically is that it is much easier to revise and update your book as it is merely a case of amending the .doc file and uploading it to Smashwords etc. again. But I don't want to be doing any more revisions of it than is absolutely necessary. Once it's published I need to move on to the marketing, selling and promoting of it, which is a whole new ballgame to me.

One thing to mention about ebook readers, such as the Kindle, is that there won't be an index as page numbers aren't used on ebooks. This is because different devices will format the text in different ways and readers can change the font and text size to suit themselves. What I will do is upload a more detailed contents page, on here and elsewhere, which will hopefully whet people's appetites and they'll buy a copy! I've just been through the manuscript again checking for spelling mistakes in the names of bands, musicians and so on as these will not be detected by the spellchecker. I discovered I'd misspelled the nickname of Motorhead's drummer calling him 'Filthy' Phil instead of 'Philthy' Phil. I'd also typed the name of Stranglers' bass player JJ Burnel as Brunel and he's someone you really don't want to upset!

Going back to the index, I've done one (of sorts) which lists the names of bands, singers, DJs, composers and even the name of one orchestra by chapter. What I'm going to do with that I'm not too sure. For anyone interested in such stats, there are 265 entries in this list but inevitably some are repeated. The Stranglers get mentioned in just about every chapter with Queen not far behind them. While I have seen The Stranglers more times than any other band, I only saw Queen once but they are still one of my favourite bands.

So that's this week's update. It feels a bit like 2 steps forward and 1 step back at the moment but I'm getting there. I should just mention that my health isn't great just now and I may be going in to hospital in the next few weeks but hopefully I'll get this finished before I'm admitted. It's nothing too serious but I need to get it sorted.

Thanks for reading my blog and as Black Oak Arkansas once sang, please keep the faith!


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