Saturday, 23 June 2012

Cloudcast for a cloudy day

A 45 minute mix rather than a radio show this week with a dozen songs and no chat in between. From the song titles, you can see that I was inspired by the very wet weather we're currently having here in Lancashire. Enjoy! (the music, not the weather)

Chas Ambler - My City Home
Kate Bush - Under Ice
The Existence of Harvey Lord - Where The River Runs Slow
Angie Palmer - Time of Thunder
Moll Baxter - Weatherman
Carole King - Out In The Cold
John Rigby - If I Had A Boat
Crosby Stills & Nash - Shadow Captain
Paul Levy - On The Hill
Martha Wainwright - Niger River
Ottersgear - Where Ottersgear Lies
Kami Thompson - Stormy (Ottersgear)

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