Friday, 23 September 2011

Today's playlist

Here's the playlist of the penultimate lunchtime edition of Off The Beaten Tracks. We will be moving to an evening slot in w\c 3rd October. Next week will be a request show so let Wes or me know what you'd like to hear.

R.E.M. - Wall of Death
Lambert & Nuttycombe - Ode To Drugan
Jennifer Crook - Come September
Hannah & Demis - Eve At The Tree
Ash Mandrake - Love Magic
Gillian Welch - Scarlet Town
Merry Hell - This Time
The Weary Band - I Am Green As Well
The Gentle Good - The Ocean Is King
Jonathan Byrd - Dungarees Overalls
Marc Black - Moment After Dawn
Tracy Moore - Mumbles the Cat

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