Wednesday, 6 July 2016

LPs and Cassettes

I've hooked up a cassette player to my hi-hi and been revisiting some music I haven't listened to in a while. Some of my tapes I bought back in the 1980s and they still sound ok. I've been playing some LPs too as a friend posted on Facebook about those covers compilation albums we used to get back in the 1970s before someone came up with the idea of the 'That's What I Call (chart) Music' cds. I still have one called 16 Chart Hits which may well have been the first LP I ever bought. The opening track is a song by The Rubettes and it does sound very close to the original but most, if not all those albums were covers of Top 30 hits played by session musicians. 

So some of those old albums I've been listening to on analogue include...

ZZ Top - Deguello & El Loco * 
Led Zeppelin - (self-titled debut album)
Steve Howe - The Steve Howe Album
George Harrison - George Harrison & 33 1/3 * 
Sting - The Dream of the Blue Turtles
Iggy Pop - Lust For Life
Status Quo - 12 Gold Bars
The Rolling Stones - Undercover
Grateful Dead - In The Dark
Supertramp - Breakfast in America
16 Chart Hits - Volume 16
Sailor - Trouble
Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band - Stranger in Town
Ride - Nowhere

* these were 2 on 1 where, as the name suggests, you'd get 2 albums on 1 cassette. 

So many great songs on those albums but if I had to choose a favourite it might be this one. This is a song Iggy is still playing to this day, most recently in his collaboration with Josh Homme...